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Weis & Hickman: Dragonlance Chronicles #1, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Published December 21st 2010 by Wizards of the Coast (first published 1984)
ISBN 0786915749 (ISBN13: 9780786915743)
Edition language: English
Original title: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance Chronicles, #1) 444 pages
Series: Dragonlance: Chronicles #1, Dragonlance #1

I'm a big fan of Fantasy and the universe of Dungeons and Dragons always captivated my curiosity. In that line of thoughts the Dragonlance Saga was something that I needed to investigate and with a little bit of research in the internet about the “order to read” I started with the Dragonlance Chronicles being the first volume of that trilogy the Dragons of Autumn Twilight. In reality I bought the Omnibus version of the Chronicles but I decided to do the reviews individually anyway.

And sincerely it was a real pleasure reading the adventure of the companions in this first book. Tanis Half-Elven a half-elf and the leader of the group, Sturm Brightblade one of the last Knights of Solamnia, Goldmoon Chieftain Daughter of the Que-Shú tribe and the first true cleric of good since the Cataclysm always accompanied by her lover Riverwind also a barbarian of the same tribe, Caramon Majere a strong warrior and is twin brother Raistlin Majere a Mage of the Red Robes, Flint Fireforge a gruff old dwarf and old friend of Tanis and finally but not less important Tasslehoff Burrfoot a happy-go-lucky not so innocent kender. Yeah! A big group and with bigger adventures in front of them because Krynn the world were this stories take place is once again – since the Cataclysm era – threatened by the forces of Evil Dragons, Dragon Highlords and the Queen of Darkness their leader to the destruction of Krynn.

In resume Dragons of Autumn Twilight treats three major points: the introduction of the heroes (their personality, motivations, back stories…), the encounter of Goldmoon and the journey she as to make to become a cleric of the Goddess of Good Mishakal and the first time the companions fight directly the forces of evil – in this case Verminaard the Dragon Highlord in Pax Tharkas and Pyros a Evil and powerful red dragon. For me all these characters were memorable in the end of the book, I didn’t just forget them in the turn of the last page and that shows how engaging all they were for the story.

The good points for me in Weis and Hickman writing is the well passed action, the opportunity to view the point of the various characters and the way they construct the good ones and the bad ones. Some people told me that for their tastes it was a stereotypical story with stereotypical characters and to them I said and what’s the problem? Because for me literature genres like Fantasy or Sci-Fi will always have characters or plots that we can identify with in more than one story that’s the cause behind of it being a literature genre. And in this particular case I just loved it and had really fun for the reason that I simply admire the constructs behind the characters and can see pass their races and fighting styles associated with the games and board games released before the stories. So I’m excited to begin the second book Dragons of Winter Night.

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Booking Through Thursday #3

Have you every written any fan-fiction? If yes, why and for which book(s)? If no, would you like to and for which books(s)?
For that matter, do you ever READ fan-fiction??

About writing… no I never tried to do a fan-fiction but if I was to write one probably would be involving the encounter of characters from different books and different authors. Something funny like Hogwarts being sucked by a worm-hole in space and time to the time and place of George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. That seems to me much more engaging than picking characters that I like and put them in a romance with some fictional me or other character that is going to be molested in some weird-shit way. With that said…

Well there was a time when I stumbled across some Harry Potter themed fan-fictions but how should I put it… hmmm… they were kinda awkward xD I read one that was Severus Snape having a romance with Luna Lovegood, written by some girl that clearly as some daddy issues and thinks that sex in porno-with-tentacles films is the real deal. So… I believe that somewhere in the twisted mingled mind-fuck that is the Internet there are some people that can write interesting stories but for each one of them there’s twenty other that just write some reaaallly weird things product of their disturbed imagination or hormones behind the anonymity of the web. 

This is a little and very popular blog meme that will be always written and answered in English ^^
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Green Lantern: Secret Origins

Escrito por Geoff Johns; Arte por Ivan Reis e Oclair Albert; Capa por Ivan Reis
Publicado 16 de Dezembro 2008 pela DC Comics

Witness the beginning of the career of the bravest Green Lantern who's ever lived as the "secret origin" of Hal Jordan is revealed. Discover how and why Hal received the power ring that changed his life forever. Uncover the mystery of the death of Jordan's predecessor, Abin Sur. Find out why Jordan's teacher and mentor, Sinestro, became obsessed with the prophecy of the apocalyptic end of the universe "The Blackest Night".

It's the first time for me in the field of comics review... so with that said...

Welcome everybody! The Green Lanterns... easily one of the most powerful heroes of the DC Universe, seriously! The rings grant them the freest manipulation of power possibly through their willpower. They kinda channel willpower that can shape through constructs and with that raw force maintain the peace in the universe working for a sort of inter-galactic police force called the Green Lanterns Corps. Ok, ok… there’s that thing with the yellow spectrum of colors…everything that’s yellow is immune to their power, so what? Just add up to the ring and lantern battery recharger kit a two or three buckets of green paint. I’m obviously biting a bit in the yellow-thing business but although this is the first comic I read in the Green Lanterns story I know that yellow is the color of fear and that’s probably the connection they try to make in this Origins since fear is the number one thing that they are always saying in green lantern boot-camp that can mess-up with their willpower and directly with their super awesome capabilities. And fear is the first thing we can read Hal Jordan talking about, this story shows us how the greatest human Green Lantern started and that was the main reason I read it first instead of the other first printed stories. 

I liked this beginning mainly because of one major point, when I was reading it my eyes and curiosity where not only focused in Jordan they were also in Abin-Sur, Sinestro, Carol, Jim, the Asian friend that I forget the name all the time. All their stories are well connected and stand by themselves – they stand together but they also stand alone, and sometimes I think that comics tend to focus too much in the main hero and the rest it’s landscape easily forgettable – all comes together wonderfully and the artwork is very imaginative and strong. Reading this gives me the curiosity to search for the rest of the story but the problem with 70 years of Green Lantern story development is the feeling that I get kind of lost, so better do some research our maybe if someone that reads this can point me out the next issue to read I would appreciate it very much. 

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, As Aventuras de Sherlock Holmes III

Início e Fim da Leitura 12 de Fevereiro
95 páginas

As Aventuras de Sherlock Holmes incluem originalmente doze contos de aventuras do detective Sherlock Holmes, publicados em 1892. Os contos foram divulgados pela primeira vez na revista Strand Magazine, nos anos de 1891 e 1892. Neste terceiro livro de aventuras estão reunidos A Liga dos Cabeça Vermelha, O Solteirão Nobre e As Faias Cor de Cobre.

Opinião Geral: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle é sem sombra de dúvida um dos meus autores preferidos do género que soube criar e fazer crescer tão bem. As suas personagens são até hoje queridas e conhecidas resistindo com impressionante facilidade ao esquecimento que o tempo proporciona por vezes a outros autores. Esta compilação de contos nesta colecção de pequenos livros é para mim o livro ideal para transportes pois são muito fáceis de transportar e simplesmente deliciosos de ler, para quem aprecia o género. Dos três contos o meu preferido foi As Faias Cor de Cobre porque tenho preferência de entre os contos de Doyle para aqueles em que quem solicita a ajuda do famoso detective é uma pessoa normal da comunidade londrina digamos tomando como comparação todos os casos que Holmes resolveu para a realeza Europeia, Duques, Banqueiros e outras figuras sociais mais importantes. Além disso a singularidade deste fez me lembrar O Carbúnculo Azul - a que o próprio Dr. Watson faz referência - que é um dos meus preferidos. O passo da narrativa também é interessante porque é pelos olhos de Miss Hunter - a governanta que pediu ajuda a Holmes - dando nos a nós a oportunidade de sermos os olhos do detective, o que para mim é óptimo visto ter o vicio de tentar solucionar o enigma antes de ler a conclusão final da lógica do mais famoso detective da literatura britânica.


Aventuras de Sherlock Holmes III é da autoria de Sir Arthur Conan Doyle e esta pequena colecção foi publicada pela Global Notícias.

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Booking Through Thursday #2

If you had to pick only 5 books to read ever again, what would they be and why?

Such a cruel question... only five books...hmmm. For me is quite difficult to choose only five so maybe I'll cheat a little bit and the first one would be The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection (in one book xD) and then for the second maybe I'll glue altogether the complete Harry Potter series or the Juliet Marillier books. Fine, fine I'm dodging the point but actually the HP series are my most time read books, for third place perhaps a Jane Austen romance, fourth definitely a Bernard Cornwell work and the final one I'd close my eyes and pick one randomly from a pile of books I haven't read until now, just because a little surprise and unknown is always welcome.

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In my Mailbox #3

Os gastos de Fevereiro já começaram mas francamente é meu objectivo este mês não gastar tanto dinheiro no meu vício. Digamos que o mês de Janeiro foi o descontrolo total *cof cof* Anyway... fiz duas encomendas pelo BookDepository e em exactamente 8 dias - como prometido - chegou o primeiro livro.

The Man who Broke into Auschwitz é o relato na primeira pessoa de Denis Avey quando durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial trocou de lugar com um judeu no campo de concentração Buna-Monowitz mais conhecido como Auschwitz III, acabando por viver ele próprio a experiência que o iria marcar para o resto da sua vida. Conseguiu sobreviver e ser testemunha de uma das realidades mais cruéis em toda a História da Humanidade. Com 91 anos recebeu das mãos do Primeiro ministro Britânico Gordon Brown a 22 de Janeiro de 2010 a medalha British Heroes of the Holocaust tornando-se a segunda pessoa de um conjunto total de vinte e sete a recebe-la ainda vivo.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it
 (George Santayana)